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“Silk Road Scholarship” Program


Located in Chongqing, China’s largest municipality, Rongzhi College covers an area of more than 60 acres. The campus, located on Longzhouwan Education Avenue in Ba’nan District of Chongqing, is characterized by modern architecture, superior teaching and living facilities, state-of-the-art multimedia classrooms and laboratories, air-conditioned students’ dormitories, a fully functional stadium, library, lecture hall andcafeterias. Rongzhi College is famous for its economic and financial majors and offers 28 full-time undergraduate programs. Rongzhi College sticks to the“Opening-up” strategy and conducts active and in-depth international exchanges and cooperation. So far, the college has established partnership with more than 20 universities and institutions in different countries and regions of the world. With China’s “Beltand Road” initiative orientation, the College commits to fostering application-oriented and internationalized talents who are badly needed by countries along the routes of the “Belt and Road”.Therefore, “Silk Road Scholarship” Program is designed to recruit students from cooperative institutions of the countries alongside the routes of the “Belt and Road”. Anyone who is qualified will be given full scholarship.

1. Program Introduction

“Silk Road Scholarship” Program fully exploits the advantages of Rongzhi College and HPE company (originally Hewlett-Packard) and offers specified professional courses (Students can choose from the following three concentrations: E-commerce, Information Management and Information System, Software Engineering), Chinese language and culture courses and “HPE SoftwareTesting Engineer” Training courses (Extra Pay).

(1) Concentrations and Major Courses


Major Courses



(1) E-commerce;

(2) Information Management and Information System;

(3) Software Engineering.

C Language Programming


1. Students are required to obtain at least 12 credits in this part.

2. The classes are usually on Monday to Friday.

Java Programming


Financial management B


Computer Networks and Application


Principles of Economics


Database Principles and Application




Image design and Process


Information Retrieval and Utilization


Introduction to software engineering


Data Structure


(2) Chinese Language and Culture Courses




Advanced Chinese Listening and Speaking


1. Students are required to take all these courses.

2. The classes are usually on Monday to Friday.

Traditional Chinese Culture


History, Culture and Economic Development of Chongqing (Lectures)


(3)“HPE Software Testing Engineer” Training courses (Extra Charge and Free Choosing)

Core Courses and Lectures

Total Class Hours





Software Functional Testing and ToolApplication;

Application Software Testing Project Practice;

HPE Cloud Offerings;

Big Data;


320 class hours



1. Successful applicants will have classes with students enrolled in Rongzhi College;

2. The classes are usually on weekends from March to July each year.

3. A “Software Testing Engineer” Certificate issued by HPE Software Institute will be awarded to all students who have completed all core courses and passed the exam.


2. Scholarship


Amount (Individual)


Details (Included)

Silk Road Scholarship of Rongzhi College of Chongqing Technology and Business University


(see details)


1. Free of Charge:Tuition, accommodation and teaching materials;

2.¥1,500 for transportation subsidy;

3.¥4,500 for living allowance (¥900 yuan/month);

4. “Comprehensive Medical Insurance for Foreign Nationals” (¥400 yuan/person).


(1) Standardfour-room dormitory with air conditioner, private bathroom and living balcony but no kitchen;

(2)No cooking orpets; Anyelectrical appliance that violates school regulationsis not allowed.


4.Application Requirements

(1) The applicants shall be full-time undergraduates from universities of the countries alongside the routes of the“Belt and Road”and the universities shall have signed a friendly cooperation agreement with Rongzhi College;

(2)The applicants should be physically and mentally healthy and friendly to China, and abide by the laws and regulations of China and the relevant regulations of Rongzhi College, with clean police record;

(3) Sophomores and seniors from universities we cooperated with are preferable, no requirements for majors;

(4) Applicants should have knowledge of Chinese and English, and be able to carry on the program-relatedcourses well;

(5) Criteria for the scholarship: Applicants who have already got the Chinese Government Scholarship, Confucius Institute Scholarship, or Chinese Local Government Scholarship and other scholarships will not be awarded this scholarship.


5. Application Procedure

(1) The applicants shall truthfully fill in and submit the following application materials on time:

Application Form forSilk Road ScholarshipProgramin Chinese or English (For details,see the appendixI);

Foreigner Physical Examination Form (issued by China Health Quarantine) (For details,see the appendixⅡ);

HSK transcript or relevant Chinese proficiency certificate;

Student certificate sealed by the university where the applicant is studying;

Recommendation Letter of the university where the applicant is studying.

(2) The universityof applicants should collect all the above materials and fill in the Summary Sheet of Application Form for Silk Road ScholarshipProgram (sealed by the university) (for details, see appendix Ⅲ),and e-mail only accept the collective declaration of this program from collaborative universities.

6. Admission

Rongzhi College will review all the materials, and then arrange interviews for all the approved applicants.Successful applicants will receive Admission Noticef rom the college.


7. Inquiry Hotline and Address:

Phone:+862388968693;+8618523749466(Miss Shi)

Address:International Cooperation and Exchange Office of Rongzhi College of Chongqing Technology andBusiness University, No. 906, Shangwen Avenue, Longzhouwan, Ba’nanDistrict, Chongqing, China.

8. Others

(1) All the courses and schedules are subject to the arrangements of Rongzhi College;

(2) All the courses are taught mainly in Chinese. If needed, language training courses are provided for free.


The program is carried out by Rongzhi College of Chongqing Technology and BusinessUniversity, and the College reserves right of final interpretation.

Rongzhi College of Chongqing Technology and Business University