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Talents Recruitment

  • Teaching at Rongzhi College

    Thu, Jun 20 2019 07:06 PM

    如果您无法在线浏览此 PDF 文件,则可以下载免费小巧的 福昕(Foxit) PDF 阅读器,安装后即可在线浏览 或下载免费的 Adobe Reader PDF 阅读器,安装后即可在线浏览 或下载此 PDF 文件Qualification:Native speaker of English or French Master Degree or Doctor Degree Age from 25 to 65 At least 2 years of working experience Job descript...

  • Teaching at Rongzhi College

    Thu, Jun 20 2019 06:58 PM

    ​如果您无法在线浏览此 PDF 文件,则可以下载免费小巧的 福昕(Foxit) PDF 阅读器,安装后即可在线浏览  或下载免费的 Adobe Reader PDF 阅读器,安装后即可在线浏览  或下载此 PDF 文件Qualification:Native speaker of English or French Master Degree or Doctor Degree     Age from 25 to 65 At least 2 years of working experience Job description:Teach spoken English, extensive reading of English, or...

  • Overview

    Fri, Feb 1 2013 04:06 PM

    Rongzhi College has been taking the construction of a strong faculty as a strategic task and making continuous efforts in the introduction, recruitment and training of talents. The programs of “1000-talents Plan”, “Liangjiang Scholar” and “Bayu Scholar” established by Chinese government and Chongqing municipal government offer positions to the distinguished professors  senior scholars wor...

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