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Life Guide

Financial Service


(1)Currency exchange

There are many bank branches offering foreign currency exchange service in Chongqing, and we strongly recommend that you do not exchange money with any institutions or individuals unauthorized by the government to avoid fraud. If you need to make a large amount of exchange, you are suggested to go to Bank of China Nan’an District Branch at 29,West Rd, Nanping, Nan’an District.

(2)Bank card

Cards issued by many international credit-card institutions can be used on the ATM machine in China. VISA and MasterCard are the most common ones while others (such as American Express/Diners/Discovery/JCB, etc.) are seldom used.

If you need to withdraw large sum of cash, you have to go to Bank of China Chongqing Head Office at Guanyinqiao. Cards can be used for payments in most big stores, supermarkets and other places for consumption. Therefore, we suggest that you apply for a local card after arrival in China so as to save unnecessary charges arisen from withdrawals. However, the groceries on the campus only accept meal card or E-payment.