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The Student Group Went to AIA Hong Kong for an Internship

The Student Group Went to AIA Hong Kong for an Internship

At thebeginning of the winter vacation, 23 teachers and students of our school wentto American International Insurance (AIA) co., ltd. in Hong Kong for aseven-day professional training and internship on January 19, 2019. On theevening of January 19, 2019, after checking into the hotel, the students were dividedinto groups to discuss the name of the group, design the logo, determine thecore values of the team and prepare the PPT presentation. The students wereactive and serious, and each group made a brilliant group introduction on themorning of 20th. In the afternoon, each group of tutors explained the financialmarket investment tools, personal image management, wine tasting etiquette,etc. It is worth mentioning that the tutor of this group is an excellentregional manager of AIA, who has rich practical experience. He will guide thestudents through the whole process.

In thefollowing intensive internship, students had a certain understanding of theinternational financial center (Hong Kong), learned about financial management,investment, securities, futures and other relevant knowledge of the financialindustry, and completed the relevant case analysis. After that, the teachersand students visited the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and had a newunderstanding of modern finance and entrepreneurial finance. In the City Universityof Hong Kong, they learned about the trading platform and participated in thelecture of “face to face with managers, excellent communication leadership andmanagement skills”, which made students realized that in the current rapiddevelopment, challenges and opportunities coexist. Therefore, financial peopleshould be equipped with more acute observation, innovation, and execution.

Theinternship ended on January 25, 2019. Students have achieved outstandingresults and have been rewarded with internship certificates and recommendationletters from fortune 500 companies.

Underthe trend of internationalization of higher education, the key to cultivateinternational talents is to cultivate international quality of students. Thisactivity not only expands the international vision of teachers and students,but also increases students’ professional knowledge, providing a platform forteachers and students to apply theories to practice.