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The “International Education Lecture Series” of the 2020-2021 Academic Year Kicked off at October 13th

On the afternoon of October 13, the international education lecture series of the first semester of the 2020-2021 academic year kicked off. This lecture series will be offered to all secondary school counselors, English teachers and students. The first lecture was held in the School of Accounting, where the vice president of Rongzhi College XIAO Su, academic leader of the School of Accounting ZHANG Xinrong, dean of the School of Accounting XIE Fujie, secretary of CPC General Branch of the School of Accounting of Rongzhi College YAO Zhuanhua attended the lecture.

This lecture was chaired by SHI Zhuanzhuan, the director of International Cooperation and Exchange Department of Rongzhi College. At first, Ms. SHI introduced the general situation and achievements of the internationalization of our school, detailed the long-term and short-term international projects to be promoted in this semester, and explained the advantages and requirements of each project. Then, she gave some suggestions on how to carry out the work of internationalization education among students based on her own practical work experience and the experience of YANG Chao, a full-time counselor of the School of Logistics Engineering of Rongzhi College, who has done a great job in the work of promoting internationalization education among students. At last, the participants had a heated discussion about the problems they met in their actual work. Then, XIAO Su, vice President of Rongzhi College gave full recognition to the achievements made by the school of Accounting in their work of internationalization, hoping that the School of Accounting, with the joint efforts of all parts, could achieve more outstanding results.

The new situations of 2020 have brought new challenges and opportunities for the internationalization work of Rongzhi College. Covid-19 pandemic makes it difficult for us to internationalize, but it also enables us to break through the time and space limitations and seek more high-quality resources for our teachers and students. In the future, our school will work together to make more attempts and efforts for the international development of our community.